Neighborhood Watch Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The Neighborhood Watch Committee is responsible for keeping the residents involved in protecting each other from suspicious activity, crime and any activity that seems unusual.  This committee will keep you informed of any criminal activity that happens in our neighborhood and will provide you with tips from our CMPD Community Coordinator on how to keep you and your family safe. 

Useful Links:
FAQ About the Program

Landscape Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The Landscape Committee is responsible for making recommendations on ways to beautify our community and keep an eye on the vendors responsible for the landscaping throughout Arbor Hills.   They also monitor our neighborhood to ensure that residents are maintaining their yards properly.

Pool and Clubhouse Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The Pool and Clubhouse Committee is responsible for maintaining the amenities that we have at the Pool, Clubhouse, Tennis Courts and Playground.  They will make sure that we enjoy the seasons of swimming, playing tennis or watching our children play on the playground equipment in our park.

Useful Links:
Clubhouse Rental Policy and Request Form
Pool Rules and Policies
Playground Use Policy
Tennis Court Use
Replacement Key Request Form

Newsletter Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for developing our regular community communication, The Arborzine.  Please submit any new ideas you may have or things that you feel should be addressed in our quarterly newsletter.

Social Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The Social Committee will plan events for residents to come out and get to know each other.  These events are key to spreading the warm community feel of our existing residents to any new residents.  Additionally, we need to know those who live in our community, a friendly community is a happy community.

Traffic Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The Traffic Committee is dedicated to keeping the roads in our community safe by reducing speeds, creating traffic calming, and working with the public transportation engineers to find ways to make the cut-through traffic cautious of our residents. 

Architectural Review Committee

Committee Chairperson:

The ARC is dedicated to maintaining the consistency, value and appeal to our community through the detailed review of applications that are submitted for review.   Anything that is submitted out of the ordinary will be brought to the Board for final decision.  If you desire to make a modification to your property in any form, you are required to submit an application for review and approval prior to any work beginning on your property. 

You were provided two documents, Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions and the Community Rules and Regulations documents.  These two documents spell out in detail what you must do to get any modification approved through the ARC.  Please review these documents prior to any modification to your property to eliminate any fines or items that may have to be removed due to not being properly approved prior to installation. 

Useful Links:
Community Rules and Regulations
Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions
ARC Request Form